• Julie

George Floyd

Enough is enough. One is too many.

My heart is heavy today having heard and watched the sadistic murder of George Floyd. Racism continues to beat prominently throughout our world, and only now are people waking up to the sheer horror that has oppressed communities worldwide because of the graphic video evidence captured by desperate bystanders. I encourage anyone who has not already to watch this video. Yes it is graphic. Yes it is certainly horrifying. But notice that to be horrified by such acts is to be privileged; because to experience disbelief at these atrocities is to be lucky enough to not experience them. Watch the video and sit with this discomfort, for it is only a fraction of the injustice that the black community and other minorities throughout the globe have experienced for centuries. We owe it to each other and for the sake of building a better world to sit with this discomfort for but a few minutes of our day.

This is not just.

This is not right.

I may never truly understand your pain, but I will forever fight for you and stand up for you. Thank your lucky stars this night for all you have, the people in your life, the food on your table, the breath in your lungs.

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