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These are a few of my favourite things

Its a dull day here today. Low, grey clouds, heavy with impending rainfall - oh there it comes. Lets add a bit of mental sunshine.

Here's a short not exhaustive list of things that make me smile.

  • Making a list of countries you want to visit and then pinterest boards for each

  • The smell of baking

  • When a book consumes you and it feels like you've entered a new world

  • Avocados

  • New notebooks

  • Packing the car for a road trip

  • Getting a letter in the post

  • When your dog gets an adrenalin rush

  • Buying plane snacks and a new book in the airport

  • Texts from friends you are thinking about in that moment

  • Childhood photographs

  • Butlers hot chocolate

  • The soft warm glow of a lamp in the evening

  • Standing under a tree during a shower of rain; being sheltered, hearing the pitter patter of droplets and smelling the petrichor

  • When the scissors glides along the wrapping paper as you cut it

  • Ticking items off a 'to do' list

  • Fresh bed sheets

  • Neopolitan pizza

  • When the lights dim in the cinema

  • Sharpening a pencil and it doesn't break

  • Wearing new shoes out for the first time

  • Making people laugh

  • Dancing with friends to your anthem

  • The silence that follows when you turn off the hoover

  • Opening a fresh jar of peanut butter/nutella/jam, seeing its perfect smoothness and knowing you're about to destroy it

  • Newborn lambs in their wrinkly skin jumpers

  • Pressing shuffle and the perfect song comes on

  • Long walks on the beach

  • Tea and chats with friends

  • Tim tams

  • When the person scooping the ice cream gives you a nice big scoop

  • Live theatre that makes you laugh out loud

  • Good coffee

  • The aura of possibility and infinity in bookshops

  • Smooth jazz in the evening

  • Debriefing after a holiday/night out with friends

  • Pressing submit on an assignment and closing every single tab

  • Bakeries

  • Hitting a tennis/golf ball and it feels like your arm is one with the racket or club

  • Fruit salad

  • The sound of striking a match and it gasping into flame

  • When kids come back with priceless responses

  • Hearing your country's national anthem and feeling a swell of pride

  • Live concerts and you can feel the music throughout your body

  • Smiling at yourself in the mirror after you brush your teeth to get a load of those pearly whites

  • Perfectly timed GIFs

  • Finding money in your pocket

  • When a day that started off bad ended up being amazing

  • Turning on the lights in the evening and suddenly the room is brighter and everything is clearer. Science!

  • Collecting friends or family from the airport

  • Walking through the grocery shops in different countries

  • Making this list and noticing all the quirky fun times in life

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